Governance at Sir Martin Frobisher

You may have noticed a number of changes at Sir Martin Frobisher Primary Academy over the last few months.  As well as a new  Head Teacher and new teaching staff, the school has a new group of governors.  The Transformation Board is a small group of people who are working with the school leadership to support and challenge – this helps improve your school as quickly as possible.

REAch2 has chosen a group made up of the Head Teacher, parents and local governors from other, successful REAch2 schools.  One of these is the Chair of the Regional Board and is now chair of the Board at Sir Martin Frobisher.

The Transformation Board has terms of reference which guide how it works.  These can be found on the Governance page of our website and also on the REAch2 website The governance page also includes details of the members of the Board.   The Board will meet twice a term as a minimum to discuss educational progress and achievement, financial health and issues such as safeguarding, premises, IT and staffing.  Members will also have a link areas in the school, such as safeguarding or finance to make sure they understand how the school is being run and also to make sure that all the legal compliance is in order.

The Board is supported by a clerk and the East Anglia regional team.

Eventually the Board will hand over responsibility to a local governing body who will take up the support and challenge.

If you have any further questions about the Transformation Board and how it works, please email the Senior Governance Advisor at

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